29 Jul 2016

5 Ways to Protect Your Business’s Email Accounts from Hackers

A hacked email account is a serious problem. Besides reading emails, cybercriminals can access other types of information associated with the account, such as calendar and contact data. Hackers can also use the account to send out spam or malicious … Continued

29 Jul 2016

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Strong Firewall

In this age of global connectivity, protecting your business’s assets and data is more important than ever. Almost all businesses are connected to the Internet for a wide variety of services. These include email, search, social media, and cloud storage. … Continued

29 Jul 2016

3 Components of an Effective Data Recovery Plan

You’ve probably got some form of a data recovery plan in place; most companies do. However, do you enforce that plan so that it can actually deliver, in the event of a disaster or other service interruption? A plan without … Continued

22 Jul 2016

Crime most likely to be cyber crime now in the UK

With the surge of cyber crime hitting an all time high and overtaking physical crime, it is great to see the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is now including cyber crime in their Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). … Continued

14 Jul 2016

What properly managed IT Services should do for your business

You’ve done the research, and you know that using managed IT services is the right decision for your organisation. So, as you begin exploring different providers, how can you be sure you have chosen the best MSP (Managed Service Provider)? … Continued

14 Jul 2016

How to protect your business from Ransomware attacks

The number of ransomware attacks is increasing at an alarming rate, making ransomware the biggest cyber threat that businesses are facing today. To see this disturbing trend, you only have to turn back the clock to the beginning of 2016. … Continued

14 Jul 2016

9 signs that an email might be a Phishing scam

Phishing attacks are still a weapon of choice for cybercriminals. The most common way they carry out phishing attacks is through email messages. In email phishing scams, digital con-artists use a convincing pretence to lure you into performing an action … Continued

03 Jul 2016

Along with the National Police Cyber Crime Unit, Assign-IT builds awareness for local businesses on cyber crime and how to mitigate the risk of attacks

On Wednesday 6th July, Assign-IT is presenting at the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce ‘Cyber Crime Prevention’ breakfast meeting as part of the St Albans Business Festival 2016. Darren Fieldhouse, Technical Director and Dave Privett, Commercial Director will be … Continued

01 Jul 2016

Assign-IT’s focus on connecting with local businesses continues through its support of this year’s Hertfordshire Business Expo

Seeing this as an opportunity to further engage with business owners and managers, Assign-IT is exhibiting this year at the biggest event of its kind in Hertfordshire, The Hertfordshire Business Expo on Monday 4th July at The Alban Arena in … Continued