05 Jan 2017

5 Ways to Protect your Data in the Cloud

Is your data protected in the cloud? Cloud computing is now the norm — 95 percent of businesses worldwide are using at least one cloud service, according to a 2016 study. While there are many services that fall under cloud … Continued

05 Jan 2017

11 Ways to Secure your Business’s Wireless Network

Here are eleven ways you can secure your business’s wireless network. Hackers within range can access it and infiltrate your network if a wireless network is not properly secured: 1. Use a Strong Password for Your Wireless Router’s Administrator Account Many … Continued

05 Jan 2017

IT Support – What is Downtime Really Costing your Business?

When looking at your IT support and options to enhance it, have you considered the impact of downtime? This is something that every business should consider. A good time to do this is when preparing or reviewing your overall budget. This … Continued