16 Feb 2017

Assign-IT Presents at Wenta’s Cyber Security Event

Wenta is an independently funded not-for-profit organisation which supports small businesses and start-ups. Keen to build cyber security and data protection awareness of its members, it arranged a seminar, inviting experts from a number of fields to speak and share … Continued

16 Feb 2017

Is your Webcam Spying on You?

Spying on people through their computers’ webcams might sound like a trick you would see in a James Bond movie, but it is a real threat in this digital age. Hackers and government agencies have been caught doing it! While some hackers spy … Continued

16 Feb 2017

The 7 Most Important Data Files You Should Back Up Nightly

While regular backups are an important part of any disaster recovery plan, not every data file on your system is mission critical. It’s always good practice to back up your systems daily, but this often doesn’t happen. Whether because of … Continued

16 Feb 2017

9 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That You Will Actually Remember and Use

There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that you can use while working within applications on Windows computers. Trying to remember which shortcut does what in each application can be difficult. However, there are some shortcuts that work across many Microsoft … Continued