09 Nov 2016

3 IT Areas Where Your Business Might Need Help

Outsourcing operations to IT service providers is common among small and midsize companies, according to a CompTIA survey. More than 70 percent of the 500 SMEs participating in the survey said that they use an outside IT firm at least occasionally. Most often, the SMEs hire the IT service providers to troubleshoot computer and network problems as well as repair equipment. However, the SMEs divulged that they also need help with other IT challenges they are facing.

Here are three other IT issues that SMEs often need help with:

1. IT Security

Being small does not make SMEs invisible to cybercriminals. On the contrary, it makes them prime targets. Cybercriminals know that many SMEs do not invest as much money in their IT security measures due to either ignorance or a lack of resources.

To thwart attacks, you have to beef up your company’s IT security. It is not easy to set up and manage intrusion detection systems, perform security assessments, and implement other security measures. Having an IT service provider help you with these tasks is a good idea if you are not knowledgeable in IT security practices.

2. Data Management

The amount of data in the world is growing at an alarming rate. According to IDC analysts, it is doubling every two years. Given this flood of data, it is easy to understand why SMEs often need help with data management.

If your business is facing rapidly growing pools of data, an IT service provider can help you set up the systems you need to securely store and back it up. More important, an IT service provider can help you transform that raw data into information that you can use to make better business decisions.

3. IT Infrastructure Upgrades

Like many SMEs, your hardware and software may be getting out of date. Determining which components to upgrade or replace is a central issue that you must address. This is a good time for you to explore the pros and cons of shifting to newer technologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation. An IT service provider can help you determine what needs to change, when is best to make those changes and help you in making those changes.

Put Your Focus Where It Belongs

Just like large companies, SMEs need their IT systems to operate efficiently, effectively, and securely. If you lack the expertise and resources required to make this a reality, you can turn to an IT service provider for help. By offloading intrusion detection, data backups, infrastructure upgrades, and other IT operations to an experienced IT service provider, you can focus on what you do best: running your business.