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Cyber Security Services

Making your business cyber secure

Assign-IT’s Cyber Security services offer our clients complete peace of mind that their networks and data are protected from the increasing threat of a cyber attack. Preventing attacks from hackers and malware is our priority, but in the event of a security breach, we’ll safeguard your critical assets, mitigate the risks, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks are increasing every day. Every piece of software, device and user in your organisation provides an access point for hackers to enter your network, access your data and create unimaginable damage to your business – with the potential to impact your clients and suppliers too.

Can you afford to suffer a breach?

The financial impact of a cyber attack is significant – and sadly, 60% of businesses close down within 6 months of a breach. The consequences of inadequate, or non-existent, cyber protection should not be underestimated:

Financial Loss

Financial fraud, the costs involved in resolving a phishing or ransomware attack, and potentially weeks of business disruption could cost your business dearly.

Non-Compliance Fines

If you are found to infringe regulations there are huge fines to be paid, especially if there is personal information involved –  do you have sufficient funds or insurance to cover them? 

Damaged Reputation

You may be required to inform your clients and suppliers, which will inevitably impact their trust and may endanger future business with them.  

A holistic approach to protecting your business

It only takes one weak link in your cyber security for an attacker to breach your systems. That’s why we consider your entire organisation when we make our recommendations.

We offer a range of services to provide our clients with end-to-end cyber security. We offer many of these services individually, but we can also assess your organisation and build a custom solution which addresses the risks which are specific to you.

Monitor & Detect
Protect & Prevent
Respond & Recover

To create a custom cyber security package for your business we start by investigating your systems. A Cyber Security certification is a great way to assess your organisation, and once any areas of non-compliance have been addresses it gives you a way to demonstrate your commitment to cyber security to your customers and suppliers. If certification isn’t a good fit for your business we can conduct our own security audit using Vulnerability Scanning to find weaknesses in your systems.

Once we have an understanding of where the risks are we will work with you to develop an action plan which focuses on the biggest risks first with a view to improving your security posture as quickly as possible. Using a combination of tools we can monitor for threats and actively protect your environment.

Should the worst happen, our team of disaster recovery specialists will isolate and eliminate the threat and get your systems back up and running, minimising the impact of a cyber security breach.

Why choose Assign-IT Cyber Security services

Certified Security Professionals

Certified to the highest industry standards, you can have full confidence in our cyber security experts to manage your risk 

Rapid Response

In the event of a breach, you want swift access to cyber security expert and your incident to be a priority

Expert tools

Investment in the latest tools ensures we are fully equipped to detect and respond to the most sophisticated cyber attacks

Reliable Service

A reliable and transparent IT partner, who you can count on to provide the best course of action

Don't wait until it is too late

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