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Vulnerability Scanning

Find your infrastructure weaknesses before the hackers do

Vulnerability scanning is the process of identifying, evaluating, and treating potential security issues in your network and software applications. Vulnerability scanning tests the strength of your network to keep intruders out, and then once inside your network, the ease with which they can navigate around your systems and access your data. Armed with this information, you can take proactive measures to strengthen your network and protect your business from a potentially devastating security incident or data breach.

Why vulnerability scanning is important?

Whilst it’s often the larger corporate cyber security attacks or data breaches that make the news, in reality every business, regardless of size, can easily become a victim of a cyber attack, if you don’t have proactive plans in place to consider the threats and develop a security strategy to counter them.

We can scan for over 50,000 known vulnerabilities

How do you become vulnerable and at risk?

The most common vulnerabilities originate from outdated third-party software, default passwords, configuration settings and/or implementation errors in access control – errors that could easily slip into any organisation resulting in costly consequences.

But these causes are just the tip of the iceberg – there are over 50,000 possible vulnerabilities that your network could be exposed to – with new vulnerabilities being added to the list every day. That’s why it’s important to continuously assess your risk and take appropriate action to reduce the threat of an attack.

Take immediate steps to reduce your security risk

The Assign-IT Vulnerability Scanning service identifies, assesses and addresses vulnerabilities in your network. Once critical risks have been addressed, we continuously scan for new vulnerabilities to maintain an acceptable level of risk so your network and data stay secure. Our reporting services provide you with the evidence and peace of mind that your risk levels have reduced and your network security has improved.


We scan your network, devices and applications to uncover the vulnerabilities you didn't know existed.


We will provide an assessment of all the vulnerabilities and prioritise those that need to be fixed first.


We can help you understand the ways to mitigate the risks, secure critical assets and protect your data.


Ongoing scanning and reporting ensure new vulnerabilities are discovered before they can be exploited.

Is your network secure? Find out today.

Contact us today for a vulnerability assessment and we’ll show you where the critical risks are and the steps you should take to secure your network and protect your data.