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Business Continuity

Ensuring your business keeps going - even when the unexpected happens

Every organisation, regardless of size, needs a business continuity plan.  A good business continuity plan ensures you are prepared for all eventualities, and gets your IT services back up and running in no time.  Whether you are the unfortunate, but ever more common, victim of a cyber attack, or your services are brought to a standstill by a fire, flood or other unexpected disasterAssign-IT offers business continuity plans that will get you operational in a time frame that won’t damage your business, or break the bank.

Ensuring Continuity of Service

When developing a business continuity plan (BCP), we work with you to identify your key products and services, prioritising these in order of the most urgent facilities you would need operational immediately.  We then devise a strategy and detailed plan to get you back in business as efficiently as possible with the least disruption to you and your clients. This includes all aspects of the business such as operations, HR, finance, customer services and business development. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a key part of the business continuity plan, and focused on the IT and systems that support your business. It includes the processes, policies and procedures that are related to the recovery or continuation of your IT after a disaster.

The Assign-IT Disaster Recovery service ensures your IT services remain available in the event of a local network outage at your offices, maintaining uptime and reducing the impact on your organisation.

Data Backups

Restoring access to your original data swiftly following a disaster is a service Assign-IT can guarantee. We offer onsite and cloud data backup solutions, and perform regular data backups to safeguard your data. We leave nothing to chance, frequently testing recovery cycles to ensure that your business critical data is fully restorable at all times. We also offer data archiving and secure data storage to provide you with a complete managed service for all your data protection needs.

Trust in Assign-IT to help protect the future of your business