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The Cloud is one of the fastest growing developments in technology and gradually becoming the ‘normal’ way of working for businesses. In essence the Cloud is where everything can be stored, like a huge hard drive that doesn’t take up physical room in your office with huge capacity. It’s a cost effective option that provides flexibility and reliability – you just log on and use it. This type of technology means that anything you need is available at the click of a button. You’re not tied to the purchasing of software and you’re free to use whatever software you need. You pay as you go for exactly what you use so on-going costs can be easily managed in operational expenditure as well as reducing the need for large, sometimes unobtainable, capital costs on hardware and software.

Perhaps most importantly is the opportunity for access from any device and from any location. Overall, the Cloud offers businesses a cost-effective, scalable solution designed to meet the demands of today’s competitive marketplace.

The types of Cloud services we offer:

Public Cloud

Through this facility, applications, storage and other resources are made available to multiple companies and users on a shared platform. This model is the most cost effective, but you do need to consider that the infrastructure is not owned by you and is shared with other users. However, security is addressed with encryption technologies and careful security separations within the system, so there is no exposure of your data to others.

Private Cloud

This Cloud platform is operated solely for a single business.

Hybrid Cloud

Many businesses benefit from a combined cloud solution combining both private and public cloud platforms. This is known as a Hybrid Cloud. They remain distinct entities but are linked together.

One of the most popular Cloud solutions is:

Microsoft’s Office 365

Through this, you benefit from:

Recognised experience at a reasonable price

With a simplified per-user licensing model you will have minimal infrastructure investments and you will always be using the latest technology available.

Uptime guaranteed

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, up-to-date virus and spam protection and 24/7 monitoring you can be sure your business is protected.

Business-class email

Using Microsoft Exchange Online, you can access emails, calendars and contacts from your computer and phone whilst also browsing with the latest virus and spam protection.

Instant messaging and video conferencing

Powered by Microsoft Lync Online, users can set up and join online meetings with desktop sharing and videos.

Document sharing

Using Microsoft SharePoint Online, you can share documents and information. Your documents can be accessed offline and edited at the same time with your colleagues.


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