NOT FOR PROFIT: Setting up WiFi

A local not for profit organisation needed help in setting up WiFi access for visitors whilst making sure they were secure and maintained their legal requirements for the Data Retention Regulations 2009, Data Protection Act 1998 and the Digital Economy Act 2009.

Our solution

Assign-IT developed a solution that could connect with the existing infrastructure and work with the organisations’ existing access points.

The device sends any visitors to a hosted drop page which collects the legally required information and stores that information in a customised hosted database.

The device then gives the user access to the Internet as specified by the client whilst maintaining peace of mind for the organisation that it conforms with regulations and maintains secure access.

Project results

 Utilisation of existing infrastructure

 Solution is legally compliant

 Cost effective solution

The solution can be easily rolled out across other sites

 Improves engagement with visitors


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