HEALTHCARE: Hosted Specialist Application for Medical Professionals

Our client needed to move from a traditional database application to a more resilient and accessible platform, hosted in the Cloud.  The business could not function without patient data and the nature of the information stored also meant that a secure solution was required.

Our solution

Assign-IT designed and implemented a hosted application platform with a DR facility that could be used as a fail over if the main platform became unavailable.

The application was designed to be accessed through a thin client.  Utilising a thin client solution reduces multiple costs such as IT support, upfront and licensing costs. For our client, it dramatically reduced administration and operating costs to their business. This also provided a more secure solution as the data is not stored locally but on a highly secure hosting platform. The solution can be easily set up at other sites of work to provide the Consultants with the information they need anywhere, anytime, giving them flexibility and IT that fully supports their business.

Project results

The Cloud based application is hosted

 Resilience with a Disaster Recovery Plan in place

Scalability to grow services

End user experience has been enhanced

 A future proof platform is in place


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