Our client is a multi-site London based College of Further & Higher Education that has a large estate of Windows XP computers.  We were asked to recommend and implement a solution to manage continued support as Microsoft was ending its support for Windows XP.

Our solution

A cost effective option, as an alternative to a full replacement, was to design a Terminal Server based environment that allowed the ‘locked down’ redeployment of many of the Windows XP Workstations with Windows 7.

This was implemented on-site with base images of a Windows 7 shell.  This provided the students with the functionality required and also enabled the college to have centralised control from the server.

The new set up has also enabled teachers to easily access their files from any computer allowing them flexibility and enhanced productivity in any teaching location.

Project results

 A cost effective option was implemented

User downtime has been minimised

 Enhanced security

Support costs have decreased

 Future updates can be deployed in the same manner


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