05 Jan 2017

5 Ways to Protect your Data in the Cloud

Is your data protected in the cloud? Cloud computing is now the norm — 95 percent of businesses worldwide are using at least one cloud service, according to a 2016 study. While there are many services that fall under cloud … Continued

05 Jan 2017

IT Support – What is Downtime Really Costing your Business?

When looking at your IT support and options to enhance it, have you considered the impact of downtime? This is something that every business should consider. A good time to do this is when preparing or reviewing your overall budget. This … Continued

09 Nov 2016

4 Ways Technology Can Save Money for Your Business in 2017

The year 2017 is approaching fast. That means it is time to plan your business strategies and budget for the upcoming year. Besides developing strategies to improve profits, you can look for ways to reduce costs. Here are four ways you … Continued

09 Nov 2016

3 IT Areas Where Your Business Might Need Help

Outsourcing operations to IT service providers is common among small and midsize companies, according to a CompTIA survey. More than 70 percent of the 500 SMEs participating in the survey said that they use an outside IT firm at least … Continued

26 Sep 2016

6 Tips for Preparing Your 2017 IT Budget

While some small businesses do not spend a great deal of time on budgets, they can be quite useful. Whilst we are currently in September, it’s good to plan in advance for the new year as it’s going to come … Continued

11 Aug 2016

How to Test Your Backups

Regularly backing up your business’s files and computer systems is crucial, but it is just as important to test those backups at least once a year. You do not want to find out that your backup images or files are … Continued

29 Jul 2016

3 Components of an Effective Data Recovery Plan

You’ve probably got some form of a data recovery plan in place; most companies do. However, do you enforce that plan so that it can actually deliver, in the event of a disaster or other service interruption? A plan without … Continued

14 Jul 2016

What properly managed IT Services should do for your business

You’ve done the research, and you know that using managed IT services is the right decision for your organisation. So, as you begin exploring different providers, how can you be sure you have chosen the best MSP (Managed Service Provider)? … Continued

01 Jul 2016

Assign-IT’s focus on connecting with local businesses continues through its support of this year’s Hertfordshire Business Expo

Seeing this as an opportunity to further engage with business owners and managers, Assign-IT is exhibiting this year at the biggest event of its kind in Hertfordshire, The Hertfordshire Business Expo on Monday 4th July at The Alban Arena in … Continued