30 Mar 2017

5 IT Security Mistakes That Businesses Often Make

Computing technologies are constantly changing. Securing IT systems in this environment is challenging, especially for small and midsize businesses. They often do not have the time or resources to keep up with technological changes, the latest security threats, and the … Continued

30 Mar 2017

Protecting Data – What are my Backup Options?

Data is a valuable yet vulnerable asset for companies of all sizes. To protect your data, you know that you need to back it up regularly. That way, your company will be able to recover from a cyber attack, equipment … Continued

16 Feb 2017

The 7 Most Important Data Files You Should Back Up Nightly

While regular backups are an important part of any disaster recovery plan, not every data file on your system is mission critical. It’s always good practice to back up your systems daily, but this often doesn’t happen. Whether because of … Continued

16 Feb 2017

9 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That You Will Actually Remember and Use

There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that you can use while working within applications on Windows computers. Trying to remember which shortcut does what in each application can be difficult. However, there are some shortcuts that work across many Microsoft … Continued

05 Jan 2017

11 Ways to Secure your Business’s Wireless Network

Here are eleven ways you can secure your business’s wireless network. Hackers within range can access it and infiltrate your network if a wireless network is not properly secured: 1. Use a Strong Password for Your Wireless Router’s Administrator Account Many … Continued

05 Jan 2017

IT Support – What is Downtime Really Costing your Business?

When looking at your IT support and options to enhance it, have you considered the impact of downtime? This is something that every business should consider. A good time to do this is when preparing or reviewing your overall budget. This … Continued

09 Nov 2016

How Hackers Con Employees to Steal Company Data

A scenario for you. A company’s database administrator loves social media. the administrator does not put any detailed information about their job on social media sites, but like many people, they includes numerous details about their family, hobbies, and interests … Continued

09 Nov 2016

4 Ways Technology Can Save Money for Your Business in 2017

The year 2017 is approaching fast. That means it is time to plan your business strategies and budget for the upcoming year. Besides developing strategies to improve profits, you can look for ways to reduce costs. Here are four ways you … Continued

09 Nov 2016

3 IT Areas Where Your Business Might Need Help

Outsourcing operations to IT service providers is common among small and midsize companies, according to a CompTIA survey. More than 70 percent of the 500 SMEs participating in the survey said that they use an outside IT firm at least … Continued

26 Sep 2016

The iOS 9.3.5 Update Patches Security Holes for Users Who Have Not Yet Upgraded to iOS 10

Even though Apple has released iOS 10, many people still like to wait a while before upgrading to a new version. If you are one of those people, you need to make sure you install the iOS 9.3.5 update on … Continued

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