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Security Certification

Protect your organisation from cyber attacks

And demonstrate your commitment to protecting your customers data with a nationally recognised certification

A cyber security certification should be a serious consideration for all business, not just those within regulated industries or those which require certification for contractual reasons. The road to certification is, in many ways, more important than the certification itself. It’s easy to believe your organisation is secure, but in working towards a certification we will help you examine aspects of your systems you may not have even considered, or highlight issues within systems you thought were correctly configured.

Certifications can also create opportunities for a business. Many organisations and individuals will feel more comfortable doing business with a company that takes cyber security seriously, and for government contracts Cyber Essentials is now a prerequisite, with Cyber Essentials Plus being requested more and more.

Cyber Essentials

  • Easily obtainable by most organisations
  • Minimum cyber security for any organisation
  • Addresses 80% of threats
  • Essential for government contracts

Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Externally audited
  • Verifies Cyber Essentials requirements
  • Finds vulnerabilities missed by manual testing
  • Required for some government contracts

IASME Governance

  • Includes Cyber Essentials
  • Goes beyond technical controls
  • Covers GDPR Requirements
  • Intermediary step towards ISO 27001

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