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Cyber Essentials

Protect you organisation from the most common cyber attacks

And demonstrate your commitment to protecting your customers data with this nationally recognised certification

Why become Cyber Essentials certified with us?

Assign-IT is a Certification Body for the Cyber Essentials scheme. That means we assess the responses given to the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and decide if an organisation is compliant with the standard or not. Any IT company can help you complete the questionnaire, but only with our deep understanding of the standard can we guide you through the process, identifying areas of non-compliance as we go and ultimately ending up in a position where we know if you are going to pass before we submit the question set for marking.

What is Cyber Essentials?

A key part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme, Cyber Essentials has been designed to meet two objectives:


Provide a clear guide on the basic controls that should be implemented to mitigate risk


Provide evidence for businesses to use to be able to demonstrate to clients, investors, insurers and others that the essential precautions have been taken.

Why become Cyber Essentials certified?

What is the Certification Process?


An Assign-IT assessor will schedule a meeting with you to investigate your level of compliance with the Cyber Essentials standard.


After the meeting our assessor will produce a gap report showing all the areas of non-compliance which must be addressed to achieve certification


The gap report will include recommendations on how to achieve compliance and will highlight any findings that pose an imminent risk.


Once the remediation work is complete we will mark your answers, confident in the knowledge they are sufficient for you to pass

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