Certification Overview

It is no longer possible to run a business without the Internet and with a continued risk of cyber attacks, how does a business minimise the risk of disruption and downtime?

Whilst not everyone sells products/services over the Internet, any business will be using the Internet to communicate, manage back office processes, position itself in the market and deliver its services in some form.

With the risk of losing your data and your client data as well as the associated reputational damage; companies cannot ignore the risk of being attacked until the attack happens – by then, it is too late and a business might not be able to recover.

A growing number of businesses are turning to schemes such as Cyber Essentials and IASME (The Information Assurance for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) to provide the organisation with a methodology and framework that ensures it is working inline with UK best practices.

Prove you are serious about security

Many companies are seeing the benefits of these security certifications as a competitive differentiator and are using this in commercial dialogue with potential prospects and clients. IT security is a regular hot topic in the news highlighting daily the growing concerns and at the same time, creating awareness. Successful businesses are now seeking assurance from their suppliers and partners that they are doing enough to protect their data.


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