Security Assessment

The starting point for any business is to understand its current exposure. Based on the identified risks, an organisation can define its priorities and end security goals, implement a plan to strengthen the security and the on-going management of this so the business isn’t left vulnerable to attack.

Our experienced team of IT security engineers provide businesses with an objective view of their security in relation to areas such as data protection, uptime, anti-virus, anti-malware and backup provisions.

Our security risk assessments covers:

 PC’s & laptops


 Email, Web and application servers


 Wireless Access Points

 Mobile devices

 Policies & procedures

Against each of these assets, we assess:

 What is directly at risk?

 Who could pose a threat to these assets?

 What do these threats look like?

 What is the impact of an attack on each of these assets?

Giving yourself peace of mind is important, but businesses often require tangible proof for their clients when providing reassurance on the quality of their service. Whilst there is the global accreditation ISO27001 for information security management, the UK has recognised that the investment for this is disproportionate to the business size for the SME market. As such, Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and the IASME scheme have been designed as affordable options to bridge this gap and keep cyber security on the radar of any business.


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