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Multi-factor Authentication

An essential layer in your defence against cyber criminals

Multi factor authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of protection to your passwords. In addition to the password (which could accidentally be disclosed), MFA requires you to have a physical thing such as a phone in order to get access to your account. 

When you log into an MFA enabled service you enter your username and password as usual but then a message pops up on your phone allowing you to complete the second stage of authentication. If you don’t have the phone you can’t get in. 

Why is it important?

We are seeing more and more passwords being stolen by cyber criminals. Sometimes it happens when staff use their work password on other websites and those sites get hacked, but most commonly it happens when an employee is sent a phishing email which tricks them into entering their username and password into a fake login form.

However it happens, once the cyber criminal has the email address and password there is nothing stopping them from logging into the employee’s mailbox, and from there they can cause all kinds of problems.

What happens when a mailbox is hacked?

Cyber criminals are very imaginative and find lots of ways to profit from access to one of your employee’s mailboxes.

The first thing they will do is try to defraud you, your customers or your suppliers. If they can find an email in the inbox or sent items which mentions any kind of payment, they will reply saying the payment needs to be made to a different account (their account!)

If that doesn’t work they might try requesting a change to where the employee’s salary is paid.

Their final move (and the thing which normally alerts you to their presence) is to bulk email every email address they can find with a phishing email in the hope of repeating the process again. That final step can cause massive damage to your reputation, especially if one of the recipients falls for the phish and has their mailbox compromised.

How do I get MFA enabled?

If you are already an Assign-IT client just contact the helpdesk and let us know you want MFA enabled and we’ll take it from there. If you’re not an Assign-IT client then request a call back to discuss MFA and all the other ways Assign-IT can help your business.

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