Why Assign-IT

At Assign-IT, we believe that all businesses need more than just IT provision – you need a service that you can rely upon and have confidence in. That is why we work closely in partnership with our clients as the IT arm of their business, providing a friendly and experienced face that they can depend on.

That is our focus for our clients so that we deliver:

Peace of mind

Our services are delivered on the premise that you will never have to worry about IT when it is in our hands. We do the worrying for you, so you can focus on your commercial activities to continue growing your business with your IT fully supporting you, as it should be.  Our engineers have worked with clients at all stages of their life spans, so they can recommend the best solutions for your business now as well as help you to plan for the future.


Our primary goal is to help our clients in the best way possible to support their business needs and make sure IT doesn’t hinder their plans. As we grow, we continue look for more ways to enhance our services and utilise technology to boost business processes.  As such, we have invested over 3 years in developing an in-house CMS (client management system) delivering efficiencies in all areas of the business structure so that we not only provide you with IT support, we also incorporate areas such as HR, operations, security, finance and administration from an IT perspective. This allows us to continue to provide the best levels of service, whilst remaining competitive.


The last thing you need is IT downtime, impacting productivity in your organisation. Through our proactive monitoring and service desk management, we stay ahead of the game so you don’t have to worry.  And, when you do have an IT problem, you are looked after by our service desk team who are skilled engineers that can resolve problems on the first call. Overall, we make sure your IT is flexible to your business needs and implement change to support evolving business processes so you can focus on driving your business forward.


Our client’s trust us based on the levels of transparency we provide from the front end to the back end of our business. This includes everything from project management, implementation, support and billing. Our client management system (CMS) provides complete visibility of every aspect of your service any time.  We have always run our business with a very honest and open service as we feel it helps build relationships, giving us a better insight into our clients to ensure we can make the best recommendations for you.


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