Delivering IT support & IT security services to businesses throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

At Assign-IT, we help you to make commercial IT decisions, implement the right solutions for your business and help you build a successful future. As core infrastructure & security specialists, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you gain efficiencies in your IT and provide scalable IT solutions to manage your growth.

We believe that all businesses need more than just IT provision – you need a service that you can rely on and have confidence in. That is why we work closely in partnership with our clients as the IT arm of the business, providing a friendly and experienced face that can be depended on.

‘We like to look at the complete IT picture for our clients.  
By doing this, we can often help with savings in some areas to enable them to do more in others.  
This way, they get the most from their IT investment, within the budgets available.’

Carmine Delcore, Managing Director at Assign-IT.

With the continued threat of cyber crime, IT security is now a full time function that many businesses don’t have the time or dedicated resource to deliver. We have been providing IT security solutions as part of our IT service contracts since 2001. We deliver the complete portfolio of security solutions and can tailor our services to best support your business.

  • As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or known in the UK as the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) is now in effect, a growing number of companies are turning to UK Government standards such as Cyber Essentials and IASME. These accreditations are designed to help SMEs strengthen their IT security, cost effectively and are tailored to the assurance levels required. We are a licensed certification body which enables us to advise and support businesses through the entire process to achieve these certifications and meet the new requirements of the DPA 2018. Don’t let others steal your information, demand money from you or disrupt your business! Read more here.

  • IT Support

    IT support delivered through an IT services provider can help you to control costs, improve employee productivity and grow your business.

  • Cloud Services

    The Cloud is gradually becoming the 'normal' way of working for businesses. It's a cost effective option that provides flexibility and reliability - you just log on and use it.

  • IT Security

    Data is your organisation’s most valuable asset and as business communications and services increase over the Internet, risks also increase. Make sure you are protected.

  • Consultancy

    Need to overhaul your IT? Expanding your services or office space and need to make sure your IT can support it? Need advice and guidance to make sure you get it right first time?

  • IT Review

    Through an assessment of all your current IT set up, we can determine the productivity and cost efficiencies of your IT and how best it can support your business.

  • Office Relocation

    Business relocation is stressful enough without worrying about planning how your IT will be moved. By using skilled IT engineers, you can make sure your IT is working from day 1 in your new office.

  • Security Assessment

    Our clients often ask us, ‘where do we start?’ Attacks are a big threat with the number and variety growing. You need to make sure all your IT barriers are working together to protect your data and your people.

  • Ad Hoc Support

    IT teams can often require extra support for a specific project or to cover leave. Being a local provider, means we can provide support very quickly so there is no delay in your work.


At Assign-IT, we believe that all businesses need more than just IT provision – you need a service that you can rely upon and have confidence in. That is why we work closely in partnership with our clients as the IT arm of their business, providing a friendly and experienced face that they can depend on.

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Our services are delivered on the premise that you will never have to worry about IT when it is in our hands. We do the worrying for you, so you can focus on your commercial activities and continue to grow your business; knowing your IT is fully supporting you, as it should be.

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The last thing you need is downtime, impacting productivity in your business. Through our proactive monitoring and service management, we stay ahead of the game so you don’t have to.  And, when you do have an IT problem, you are looked after by our service desk manned by engineers who can typically resolve problems on the first call.

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Our client’s trust us based on the levels of transparency we provide from the front end to the back end of our business. This includes everything from project management, implementation, support and billing. Our client management system (CMS) provides complete visibility of every aspect of your service, any time.

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We have invested 3 years in developing an in-house client management system (CMS) delivering efficiencies in all areas of the business structure so that we not only provide you with IT support, we also cover areas such as HR, operations, security, finance and administration from an IT perspective.

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